Why Branding?

Branding creates reputation, advertising, and credibility. A brand extends far beyond a logo — it is the company’s identity, and CMG will work with you to develop your brand in a variety of areas. Every branding project is different in scope — we customize the entire process to your needs and goals.

Branding involves defining your mission, values, and goals, and reflecting them throughout all of your company’s activities. Your logo is one identifying mark in the larger picture of your brand. The logo exists to help establish and identify your brand – but it is all the visual assets coming together that create your brand identity.

Logo, brand guidelines, colors, typography, copywriting, brand voice, social media presence; all need to reflect the company. Everything you do, say, and produce as a company builds your “brand”, and we develop the visual foundation of that relationship.

Is your branding out to pasture?


Re-branding becomes necessary when your visual identity no longer communicates your company strategy, values, or goals. If you’ve expanded your offerings, re-positioned in your industry, or grown beyond what your current brand reflects, we can help build upon or refresh your visual identity. A refresh is not always from square one. A lot of times it’s building upon the legacy and foundation already created. Other times it’s a blank slate to reinvent.

Not sure what you need? Let us break it down for you.

Brand = client relationship with business
Brand identity = visual identity of the brand
Logo = your visual identifier in the marketplace

We can help you if

You’re an entrepreneur launching a new biz and you need beautiful branding that customers and investors love.

You’ve worked with other designers, but the quality of work was a struggle. It wasn’t a good return on your money.

You’ve been successful for some time, and you’ve outgrown your existing identity. Time for a big old brand refresh.

You’re a manufacturer looking for fresh patterned artwork to set your products apart.

Let some of our projects speak for themselves !

The way we work

conduct research & interviews

Sure, you can guess, but it's going to cost you. In a world flooded with data, we start every project conducting research and interviews that gives us invaluable insight into what your brand is and should become.

Develop core philosophy

At the center of a great brand is a bold idea and a clear philosophy that resonates with people. This becomes the pillar that everything brand (and company) is built around.

Customer persona research

It's easy to say that everyone is your customer, but you can't market the same way to everyone. Customer persona research makes it crystal clear who you are targeting and it let's you tell them what they want to hear.

Define your value prop

This is the flag you fly. Your BIG IDEA. The value you bring to customers. But it isn’t just what you want it to be. It’s a combination of your opinions and those of your customers. We express this with a clear mission and purpose, values we co-develop, and keywords that drive your messaging.

Brand identity creation

We make sure your logo, imagery, and brand identity are guided by your value proposition. All the designs we build and naming recommendations we make are backed by research and justified with compelling explanations – not fluff.

Ongoing optimization

A brand is not just a static thing and the evolution of it is crucial in a rapidly changing world. We’re experts at brand iteration (ie: learning quickly from mistakes and improving based on what the data says) and treat brand design as an ongoing process.

Our Clients & Partners

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